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Dr.  Artel  Great  is an Independent Spirit Award-nominated filmmaker, Black cinema scholar, and one of America's leading authorities on race and popular culture:  thriving  at  the  intersections of cinema, art,   and  social  justice.   He is frequently  invited  as  a  media  commentator  and  speaker  on  a  range  of  topics  that  include:
  • Black cinema and visual culture 
  • Hollywood film and politics
  • Sports, race, and society 
  • Comedy and American television
  • Black history and social movements
  • Media and social justice
  • Hip-hop culture and aesthetics
  • Art and activism 
  • African diasporic cinema
Dr. Great's  work  as  a  critically-informed  artist, public scholar, and award-winning filmmaker transcends boundaries and defies conventional categorization. He engages Black cinema and visual culture as a form of creative activism that addresses the myriad links between art, culture, and politics.
If you would like to book Dr. Artel Great as a media commentator, consultant, or speaker at your next event, documentary, television series, film festival, conference, panel, workshop, or retreat please fill out the form below.   This form is required for all on-camera interviews, speaking engagements, and panel requests.
For all other media inquiries (print, radio, etc.) please use the Contact page
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