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Outside the Box (Season 1)

Independent Spirit Award-nominated filmmaker, artist and cultural critic, Dr. Artel Great, offers a fresh perspective on a wide range of topics: from movies and music to art and politics.

1. Series Premiere - Art to Tell the World
 2. Do Movies Really Matter?
3. Hollywood's Oppression of Black Images
Filmmaker, artist and cultural critic, Dr. Artel Great, discusses his Hollywood film career and issues of inclusion in contemporary media.
Do movies & media strategically influence our perceptions and play a  role in the circulation of power in American culture?
The origins of Hollywood's oppressive catalog of Black images and its impact on the American entertainment industry.
4. Sports Films
5. OutKast: Hip-Hop Legends
6. Who Controls the Media?
Chronicles the sports film genre as an American cultural fascination.
The rise of the iconic hip-hop duo OutKast and their groundbreaking second album ATLiens.
The impact of  media conglomerates that invisibly dominate film, TV, music, radio, & magazines.
7. Images of Women in Media
8. Women Make Movies
9. Remembering '90s Black Film
The history of troubling representations of women in film, advertising, and television.
10. When Hollywood Meets Politics
Films circulation of ideology and politics and its impacts on culture and society.
Women in media and the women directors who are re-defining images of women on-screen and behind the camera.
The rise and fall of an exciting wave of Black films in the 1990s.
11. Hip-Hop Film History
The rise of ‪hip-hop‬ music and culture and its impact on ‪Hollywood‬.
12. The Richard Pryor Show (S1: Finale)
The history and influence of Richard Pryor and his brilliant but short-lived sketch comedy series.
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